Animal Scratching Brushes

technical specifications

Body Static oven painted, profile 60x60x3 mm, laser cut plates 5 mm
Rotational Speed ​​ 30 rpm with impact resistant cast iron body reducer
Brush Dimensions Ø50 cm Length 65 cm corrugated brush
Power 220 VAC 0.25KW

Benefits ;

  • It prevents the presence of external parasites on the skin.
  • It accelerates blood circulation by massaging the capillaries.
  • It allows the skin to breathe as it purifies the skin from all dirt and dust.
  • Increases meat and milk yield by reducing stress in the animal.
  • Saves time and effort spent for cleaning animals.
  • It has the feature of stopping and turning in the opposite direction in case of tail jam.
  • It is not affected by wind, vibration and momentary impacts.
  • It starts working at an angle of 10 degrees in all directions.